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Based on the John Favreau ‘s 2014 film “Chef “, our desi version by the same name, stars Saif Ali Khan as Chef Roshan Kalra who sets out to reignite his passion for food and in exchange finds his happiness and family back. Chef is Raja Krishna Menon’s second directorial after Airlift.

We share some reviews from the newspapers and critics below:

CNN NEWS 18: Rajeev Masand – 2.5/5

One of the best things about the film is the refreshingly mature handling of Roshan and Radha’s post-divorce relationship, even if the reason for their break-up is never explained, barring the frankly lame suggestion that his obsession with his work might have driven a wedge between them. …Read More

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NDTV: Raja Sen – 2/5

Chef is a nothing film. The 2014 film about a food truck selling cuban sandwiches is predictable to the point of having zero plot, but it does function as an interesting vehicle for allegory. Director Jon Favreau, who wrote and starred in the film, had just been let go from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after directing the first two Iron Man movies,…Read More

The Times Of India: Meena Iyer – 3.5/5

Taking inspiration from Hollywood’s delectable film of the same name made by Jon Favreau in 2014, director Raja Krishna Menon gives us a slice-of-life film that satiates the palette and tugs at your heartstrings. Chef works on two levels. First, it takes you …Read More

Indian Express: Shubhra Gupta – 2/5

Roshan Kalra is a chef who is shown unraveling when we first meet him: frothing at the mouth, and out of a job. Right from then on, ‘Chef’ takes pains to tell us that despite himself, and the roadblocks he runs into, Kalra will get to where he needs to, not wants to….Read More

Hindustan Times: Shweta Kaushal  – 1.5/5

If you are a Bollywood fan, it is almost impossible that you would not remember Aamir Khan-starrer Dil Chahta Hai. However, if you fall into the rare category of those who don’t, Saif Ali Khan makes sure you are reminded of the iconic film throughout his latest release, Chef. Those are the rare moments from this largely bland fare that you do want to remember…. Read More

India Today: Samruddhi Ghosh – 2.5/5

What is the million-dollar idea of the head chef of a three-Michelin-starred restaurant who needs to get out of a rut and rediscover his passion for cooking? The “rotzza” (roti + pizza)… which is essentially a cheese frankie, but instead of being rolled up, it’s flat with another roti on top. Tastewise, it’s nothing you wouldn’t find on every other street corner….Read More

Mumbai Mirror: Kunal Guha – 2.5/5

Chef tells the story of Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan), who runs away from home as a young boy when his father doesn’t approve of his culinary interests. We then meet him when he is 40, working in an Indian restaurant in New York … Read More

Mid-Day: Mohar Basu – 3/5

Chef could well be a conglomerate of silver linings. Saif Ali Khan, in all likelihood, has a hit to his name (finally!). At least, the film’s crowd pleasing abilities are promising enough to make that prophecy. And here’s a semi-delightful film which serves comfort food to film buffs. … Read More

DNA India: Harshada Rege – 3/5

The strength of Menon is adept emotional drama. He does a good job with complex characters and father-son and husband-wife dynamics. The film is a visual treat. Saif is in great form. Rohan is not wholly likable and yet Saif makes him appealing.. Read More

Film Companion: Anupama Chopra – 3/5

One of the cheesiest ways to talk about a film about food is to use food metaphors – did you notice the cheesiest there?  But I can’t resist so here goes.

Chef, an adaptation of Jon Favreau’s 2014 film, is sweet but not tangy.  Its flavours are slow to take hold.  Like the original, the film is amiable but it never becomes essential.

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KoiMoi: Umesh Punwani – 3.5/5

The desi touch given to a story we’ve seen before, Saif Ali Khan proving he can do better than Jon Favreau & Raghu Dixit’s acoustic presence….Read More

The Quint: Stutee Ghosh – 3/5

“Tum Chandni Chowk ke Roshan Kalra ke only puttar ho kar aisi baatein nahin kar sakte,” Saif Ali Khan tells his son, who doesn’t know what chole bhature is.

In this official adaptation of Jon Favreau’s Chef, food is meant to mend relationships and rejuvenate the soul.

… Read More

Feature Photo: Indian Express

Director: Raja Krishna Menon
Based on: Chef by Jon Favreau
Screenplay: Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair, Raja Krishna Menon
Producer: Raja Krishna Menon, Bhushan Kumar
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Dhanish Karthik
Music: Raghu Dixit, Amaal Mallik
Cinematography: Priya Seth
Editor: Shivkumar V. Panicker
Run Time: 2 hours and 13 Minutes

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