Haseena Parkar : Movie Review

Another biopic got released this week. Haseena Parkar, the younger sister of the notorious Dawood Ibrahim, was registered for 88 cases of extortion. The story of how a nervous bride turns into a Godmother of Nagpada is played by Shraddha Kapoor. Her real-life brother Siddhanth Kapoor, plays her reel-life brother, Dawood Ibrahim.

We share some reviews from the newspapers and critics below:

CNN IBN: Rajeev Masand – 1/5

From the gang-wars and the fear of the underworld that gripped Mumbai for over two decades, to the communal riots, and the serial blasts of ’93, the landscape that Lakhia recreates to frame his story against has a distinctly second-hand feel to it….Read More

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NDTV: Saibal Chatterjee – 1.5/5

Shraddha Kapoor, for whom this is meant to be a career-altering outing, bites off more than she can chew. When she delivers her vapid lines, it is hard to tell whether she is biting or chewing. Seeking to convey menace and power via a darkened skin tone, puffed-up cheeks, prosthetic enhancements around her jaw and a gravelly voice, she hisses and growls to no effect, making rather heavy weather of carrying the flimsy film on her shoulders…Read More


The Times Of India: Renuka Vyavahare – 2/5

Incidentally, the recent arrest of Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar (‘while he was having biryani’), from his Mumbai residence on charges of extortion, made one wonder why the bigger fish continues to roam scot free. ..Read More


Indian Express: Shubhra Gupta – 1.5/5

The film spends considerable time on Haseena’s backstory. Her father was a police constable who is shown as someone who could not stop his sons go down the path of wrong-doing; Haseena herself is shown as someone who is pleased enough to own a smuggled watch ..Read More


Hindustan Times: Rohit Vats  – 1/5

This is what Aapa, otherwise known as Haseena Parkar, says in front of the judge at a Mumbai court who seems to be in awe of the Nagpada gangster. This sympathetic tone on part of the director is also some kind of validation for the underworld don known for liasioning and property dealing. .. Read More


India Today: Suhani Singh – 1/5

It’s impossible to look at Haseena without bringing Bhai (Siddhanth Kapoor) into the picture. Lakhia has a real brother-sister duo to depict the bond but the material is so listless that there is little Kapoors can do here other than she crying out “Bhai” at his many misdemeanours and he calling up concerned to say “Beta”…Read More

Mumbai Mirror: Kunal Guha – 1.5/5

The film opens to Haseena Parkar (Shraddha Kapoor) being summoned to court and accused of being her notorious brother Dawood Ibrahim’s (Siddhanth Kapoor) ally. With every argument, a flashback ushers us back in time to witness what or who went down and how … Read More


Mid-Day: Mohar Basu – 1.5/5

As far as Haseena’s personality goes, she is hard to decode, at least from this film. For someone with limited range, Shraddha’s effort shows but she is hardly the right cast for a character as complex as this…. Read More


DNA India: Harshada Rege – 2/5

Shraddha Kapoor is horribly miscast. Prosthetic makeup is supposed to be an additional aid for an actor, but here it becomes a hindrance for Shraddha. The actress goes from an overly-expressive young Haseena to a stone-faced Aapa … Read More


Film Companion: Anupama Chopra – 2.5/5

Haseena Parkar is filled with these fabulous WTF moments. By all accounts, the real Haseena Parkar was a fascinating woman – she was a 7th grade drop-out who eventually became the feared appa of Nagpada. … Read More

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KoiMoi: Satish Sundaresan – 2.5/5

Absolutely no prizes for guessing that the film totally rides on the shoulders of Shraddha Kapoor, who does a damn good job in the titular role of Haseena Parkar. Even though the painstaking efforts which Shraddha Kapoor has taken in order to get into the skin of the character are very clearly visible..Read More


The Quint: Stutee Ghosh – 1/5

Shraddha Kapoor steps into her role as this power wielding “Don’s sister” fully bronzed and swollen faced with her failings as an actor clearly visible. She might have tried hard but frankly this role was way beyond her league. … Read More


Feature Photo: Hindustan Times

Director: Apoorva Lakhia
Screenplay: Suresh Nair
Producer: Nahid Khan
Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, Ankur Bhatia
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Cinematography: Fasahat Khan
Run Time: 2 hours and 4 Minutes

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