New Hollywood Trailers Launched This Week

Check out the new film trailers launched this week:


  1. Downsizing:

Though Alexander Payne takes time to make his films, it is always worth the wait. With some gems like Sideways, About Schmidt, The Descendants, and Nebraska, he is here this year with his new offering – Downsizing. It stars Matt Damon and Christopher Waltz.

Payne co-wrote this script with Jin Taylor during his long hiatus between Sideways and The Descendants. Paul Giamatti and Sacha Baron Cohen were being considered initially for the film.  This is Payne’s first comic sci-fi genre which opened at the 74th Venice Film Festival this year.



2. All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World is Ridley Scott’s new crime drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Spacey. The film revolves around the real kidnapping events in the 1970’s of John Paul Getty III.


The release is due this December before the holidays.


3. Red Sparrow:

Jeniffer Lawrence is Dominika Egorova in this Jason Mathew’s Adaptation by the same name. After the Hunger Games series, Francis Lawrence directs the other Lawrence as a Russian spy. Joel Edgerton plays a CIA Agent and her love interest. Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling plays her boss. The release is slated next year in March.


4. The Commuter:

Liam Neeson is back in his staple edge of the seat thriller zone – The Commuter. He plays an insurance salesman Michael Woolrich ambushed in a criminal conspiracy when he is forced to find an unknown identity by Joanna played by Vera  Farmiga. This film is directed by Jaume- Collet Serra.


Like red Flower, The Commuter too is slated to release early next year.


5. Bleeding Steel :


Leo Zhang’s Bleeding Steel is a Chinese Sci-fi thriller. Jackie Chan’s indefatigable hunger for action thrillers doesn’t seem to satiate. This actors play a special force agent this time after playing a historian in Kung Fu Yoga. Chan looks much fitter and younger here than his previous offering.

Bleeding Steel releases in the Christmas this year in China.