Newton goes to Oscars

‘Newton’ is this year’s Indian official entry to the Oscars for the Best Foreign Film language category.

Amit Masurkar’s little gem Sulemani Keeda went unnoticed but it may not be now, as movie buffs will google who Amit Masurkar is? His next – “Newton”, a black comedy, released today and the day became bigger when the news broke that it is India’s Official entry to the Oscars.

Newton is a political satire based on a  rookie government clerk’s effort to hold a  fair election in the sensitive Naxal zone of Central India, with the support of security forces who have no love for the rebels.

Newton has some great ensemble cast. Rajkumar Rao plays Newton, supported by Pankaj Mishra, Raghubir Yadav, and Sanjay Mishra.

Rajkummar Rao tweeted – “Very happy to share this news that #NEWTON is India’s official entry to the #OSCARS this year. Congratulations team.”


Amit Masurkar was discouraged not to shoot in Chhattisgarh but he didn’t flinch shooting there. Though he briefly considered shooting in the jungles of Panchmari (in Madhya Pradesh) but Chattisgarh was apt for the story.

He told  PTI- “To tell a story about the gap between the idea of democracy and the way democracy functions, we needed to set it in a place where the rights are denied, where there is a conflict, an entity which is trying to disrupt the election process.”

“If you look at Chhattisgarh, all these factors are there. It naturally lends a setting for this film.”

“It was a topography which we hadn’t seen in films before. I fell in love (with the place). We were dissuaded by a lot of people to not shoot in Chhattisgarh because there are no facilities there.”

The shooting happened in a small town of Dalli Rajhara and they shot the film for  37 days in the jungles of Chattisgarh.


The director co-wrote  ‘Newton’ with Mayank Tewari when they were in the post-production phase of “Sulemani Keeda”. Interestingly, Mayank played one of the leads in that film. They wrote the script in six months.

Newton opened in theatres today with some very good critics rating.

The Nominations for the Academy Awards will be announced in Jan 2018. It remains to be seen if Newton will be able to squeeze through into the nominations.


Image Source : Drishyam Films, Bollywoodmdb