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Zaira Wasim is Insiya, who plays the Secret Superstar becoming a youtube singing sensation under the nose of her abominable father. Aamir Khan plays  Shakti Kumarr, a cheesy music director in this debutant director Advait Chandan’s musical drama about chasing dreams.

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CNN NEWS 18: Rajeev Masand – 3.5/5

Secret Superstar belongs to its incredible cast that glosses over many of the film’s minor lapses. Advait Chandan makes an assured directing debut, delivering a film that is ultimately heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.…Read More

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NDTV: Raja Sen – 3.5/5

Aamir Khan is an absolute hoot as he plays Shakti Kumaarr, cheesy and predatorial and self-aggrandizing in completely cartoonish fashion. It is a caricature – try to imagine a combination of Anil Kapoor from Taal and Kamaal R Khan, poured into an Ed Hardy shirt – but Khan brings enough nuance to the table to make even this tasteless fool appear real…Read More

The Times Of India: Meena Iyer – 4/5

When Aamir Khan backs a film, you expect quality. The actor who plays an obnoxious music director, Shakti Kumaarr, in this outing, doesn’t let you down on that count. Debutant director Advait Chandan, who schooled under Aamir gives you a simple heartfelt film (slightly `fairytalish’ at times) but one in which you run the entire gamut of emotions — joy, tears, excitement and ebullience. …Read More

Indian Express: Shubhra Gupta – 2.5/5

Aamir Khan shows up as the out-of-flavour musician Shakti Kumaarr, all tight animal-printed Ts and crotch-hugging jeans, and while his I’m-so-irresistible strutting schtick starts off funny, you wish he had more to do…Read More

Hindustan Times: Rohit Vats  – 3/5

Secret Superstar proceeds at leisure. Running over 150 minutes, it has the luxury of establishing the disturbing circumstances existing in Insiya’s conservative household. While the family tries to support each other, the patriarchal father beats them, taunts them for being failures in life, and shows love only to the son.…. Read More

India Today: Suhani Singh – 2.5/5

Hindi cinema has seen plenty of father-son relationship dramas. With Secret Superstar, writer-director Advait Chandan focuses on the lesser-explored, close-knit mother-daughter bond. The father here is no hero, but a straight up villain who abuses and humiliates his wife and is an impediment to his teenage daughter’s dreams.…Read More

Mumbai Mirror: Kunal Guha – 3/5

The best moments in this film are shared between two 15-year-old classmates. She accepts his offerings: chocolates and tuition notes but when she’s low, she also publicly admonishes him, even flinging his lollipop off the window. … Read More

Mid-Day: Mayank Shekhar– 4/5

Secret Superstar’ is, foremost, a fantastical, inspirational film (for teenagers in particular), yet with an uneasy, dark undertone that you constantly find yourself oscillating between emotions — mainly happy, partly sad. … Read More

Film Companion: Rahul Desai – 3/5

Secret Superstar is familiar, predictable, cunning, clichéd and unabashed in its expression. But with this film, the term “mainstream” doesn’t feel derogatory. We’ve seen it all before: the same beats, domestic conflicts, evil fathers, patriarchy, submissive wives, bruised faces, oppressive burkhas, glassy-eyed dreams, smashed guitars, rock ballad tunes, digital fame, unlikely mentors, breaking free, speeches, winning. … Read More

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DNA India: Sarita Tanwar – 3.5/5

Secret Superstar is about a teen girl Insiya (Zaira Wasim) from a conservative Muslim family, who has two dreams — One of becoming a famous singer, and the other to see her mother divorce her violent husband. Secret Superstar is about self-discovery, growing up, falling in love and a mother-daughter bond… Read More

KoiMoi: Umesh Punwani – 4/5

Every frame, every second of this movie is a heart-stealer, Aamir Khan in his surged-Rangeela mode, Zaira Wasim & Meher Vij giving us one the best mother-daughter performances ever, Raj Arjun’s spine-chilling presence.…Read More

Feature Photo: Indian Express

Director: Advait Chandan
Screenplay: Advait Chandan
Producer: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chawla, Sujay Kutty, B. Shrinivas Rao
Cast: Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Aamir Khan
Music: Amit Trivedi
Cinematography: Anil Mehta
Editor: Hemanti Sarkar
Run Time: 2 hours and 30 Minutes

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